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Electrical Tools

Electrical Tools


Electrical Tools provides 14 common electrical calculation and data look-up tasks. These tasks include wire sizing, conduit sizing, motor equipment sizing, panel sizing, lighting requirements (in metric or English units), current to power conversion, Ohm's Law calculator, capacitor sizing, voltage drop, short circuit, and the quick look-up of many electrical formulas and conversion factors. Results are instantly displayed on the screen as data is entered. Some of the functions in E-Tools are also covered by other Elite programs. For example, E-Tools will calculate the voltage drop for up to five components with their associated kVA loads. Our V-Drop program will calculate the voltage drop for networks containing up to 2,000 components and kVA loads. The same situation exists with the short circuit and luminaire requirement calculations. Elite has other programs you may want to consider that address those applications on a complete system basis.

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