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How many licenses do I need?

The software may be installed on up to 3 computers per license within the same office location. So you need to purchase enough licenses to equal the maximum number of concurrent users of the program at your office location at any one time, without exceeding the 3 computer limit. Here are just a couple of examples. Call us if you have any questions about your situation. Discounts are available when you purchase additional licenses.

Example 1: There are 3 people in your office who might be using Chvac at any one time. You would need three licenses for that program.

Example 2: You are the only person who will be using Rhvac, and you want to install it on 4 computers. You would need two licenses of Rhvac in order to not exceed the 3 computer limit.

(Applies to the following Elite Software-produced programs: Chvac, Drawing Board, Ductsize, ECA, Energy Audit, GasVent, H-Sym, HVAC Tools, Manual D Ductsize, Bill of Materials, Proposal Maker, PsyChart, Refrig, Rhvac, E-Coord, E-Tools, Panel, Short, V-Drop, Inpoint, Light, Outpoint, D-Pipe, Fire, S-Pipe. For information about license requirements for the other products we sell, call us at 800-648-9523.)

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