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Drawing Board for Rhvac

Drawing Board for Rhvac


Drawing Board for Rhvac, Version 2

Drawing Board is a fast and simple program for drawing floor plans and ductwork. Drawings can be quickly created by dragging and dropping drawing objects from the built-in object catalogs onto the drawing window. The drawing objects in Drawing Board are pre-programmed shapes such as entire room shapes, walls, doors, windows, and ductwork. These are intelligent objects that contain data useful for the Chvac, Rhvac and Ductsize programs.

Software Requirements: You must have an active license for Rhvac.

If you have already purchased Drawing Board for Rhvac in the past, then instead of this product you should get the Drawing Board for Rhvac Upgrade from 1 to 2 product instead.

Drawing Board Info Page | Download Functional Demo (Included in Rhvac)

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