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USB Flash Drive Option

USB Flash Drive Option


If your computer has no CD drive you can select this USB Flash Drive option, and we will put your installation software and license on a USB flash drive instead of on a CD.

Normally, you will only need to have a quantity of one (1) for this option, even if you are including multiple programs in your order. You should only enter a quantity greater than 1 if you are ordering multiple licenses of the SAME PROGRAM, in which case you should enter a quantity here equal to the number of licenses of that program you are ordering.

This option is not applicable for the following products:

  • EnergyPro
  • HVAC Solution
  • Heavent
  • HVACR Training Materials
  • Rhvac Online
  • Manual J Calculator Online
  • Manual D Ductsize Online
  • Manual S Calculator Online
  • Maximum of one flash drive per single-user license purchased. This option is only available as an alternative media for a purchase of a software package, replacing traditional optical/CD media.


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