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NRM5 - EnergyPro

NRM5 - EnergyPro


Nonresidential Title 24 Performance. Demonstrate compliance with the current version of the California Title 24 code for nonresidential/high-rise residential/hotel-motel buildings using the Performance Approach. This module will calculate hourly building energy performance for all building end use categories including the Envelope, Lighting and HVAC systems. Documentation produced by this module includes the PERF-1 as well as the ENV, LTG and MECH supporting worksheets. In addition, this module will produce the UTIL-1 and UTIL-DT utility worksheets needed for participation in the Savings By Design Incentive program.

This module uses the DOE-2.1E* v119 software engine licensed from the Department of Energy to provide a highly accurate hourly simulation of building energy use. The Performance Approach allows trade-offs between various building components to determine Title 24 compliance, and will also calculate building energy cost using utility rates, and produce an ECON-1 form.

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