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The Heavent program analyzes industrial ventilation and exhaust duct systems. With Heavent, optimal duct sizes can be determined that maintain both the minimum desired velocity and balanced static pressures at all duct junctions. Heavent can work with both round and rectangular ducts of any duct material desired. Heavent has provision for virtually all types of components found in ventilation and exhaust systems including: ductwork, hoods, fans, air cleaners, collectors, blast gates, system effect factors, and all types of fittings. Heavent aids the user in selecting duct sizes and computes all system pressures required for system design and fan selection using the method described in the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation manual.

Important Note: Heavent licensing requires that the actual end user be listed as part of the order. Please include that information in the "Special Instructions" box when you checkout, along with the end user's email address (so he or she can receive the license) as well as their phone number in case we need to contact them. This is separate from the actual billing and shipping information. Thank you, your prompt attention to this will expedite your order."

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