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The Elite Software GasVent program quickly calculates the correct vent sizes for Category 1 Gas Powered Appliances. GasVent is a true Windows program designed to be simple and easy to use by both contractors and designers. The program is very graphical and especially easy to use. Recent advances in technology have improved the average furnace efficiency to over 80%. These new mid and high efficiency furnaces can cause significant condensation in the vent. If a flue gas vent is either oversized, undersized, or of the wrong material, there is a high probability that corrosive condensate will cause pitting which will ultimately result in the failure of the vent pipe. The failure of a vent pipe can be deadly because the building occupants could be subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides gas poisoning, there are many other hazards from improperly designed vents. Masonry chimneys can collapse from the acid in the condensate dissolving the mortar between bricks and possibly causing a fire. Condensate can accumulate back at the furnace and cause severe rusting. There are so many potential problems with incorrect venting, that all contractors should make every effort to do the job right. GasVent is a great help in vent design.

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